NYGAP Committees

One way for members to get involved is by joining a committee. Committees are formed by the Executive Board, and report to the Vice President. 

Committees are developed at the discretion of the President and implemented after discussion and consent of the executive board. Each committee will be appointed a chair position by the President, and each chair will work in conjunction with the executive board to form the governing board. Committees may change with new leadership; however previous committee chairs and descriptions will be archived.

2019-2021 Executive Committee

ryan taughrin headshot.png



Ryan Taughrin

Univeristy at Buffalo


Vice President

Aleta Anthony

University of Rochester

UB Headshot - Lauren McGowan square.jpg



Lauren McGowan

University at Buffao



Jaclyn Napoleon

University at Albany

Advocacy Committee

Based on feedback from the NYGAP meeting at the 2017 Annual Conference, the Advocacy Committee was formed to allow membership to become engaged in issues unique to New York graduate admissions professionals, their respective academic programs, and how those programs are impacted by national, state, and local laws and policies. 

Of particular and current interest to the Advocacy Committee is the role that changes in teacher preparation laws and certification requirements will have on Education graduate programs. Individuals interested in this area, or other related issues can join this committee to find organization-based solutions to effectively communicate with non-graduate admissions audiences about NYGAP's position on legislative issues effecting our membership.

Events Committee

The events committee will work primarily to plan and execute NYGAP's Annual Conference. Currently, that conference is held yearly, typically in November. The events committee will work to fill and execute the following roles;

  • Choose location of conference

  • Decide upon budget for conference based on location price, rentals, food, and other items needed for execution

  • Search and find sponsors that can help cover the cost of event

  • Engage NYGAP membership in presenting at conference

  • Market conference to NYGAP membership and encourage registration

  • Assist with day-of event execution including sign-in, membership networking and engagement, presenter support, and event set-up and tear-down as needed

Current Events Chair: Ryan Taughrin (email: ryantaug@buffalo.edu)